About us.....

We are two highly qualified teachers, with vast experience, who are passionate about teaching and progressing children's learning, whilst instilling confidence and improving understanding.

We have an excellent understanding of the New National Curriculum requirements in English and Maths, across all Key Stages, as well as Phonics, Singapore Maths, 11 Plus and Independent School and other school entrance examinations.

We are DBS checked and have First Aid Training.


Janine Boston, BA (Ed) Honours, Founder/Tutor

Simone Foley BA Hons., First Class, QTS, Founder/Tutor

Small Group/Paired Sessions

What are the advantages of small group or paired tuition over one-to-one tuition? We believe there are many advantages for your child when learning in our paired or small group (3-4 children) format:

  • Affordability - the group sizes are a maximum of two or four children – there may be less, but the price you pay will remain the same.

  • Peer group interaction – the exchange of ideas with peers of similar abilities and age is often a great motivator, a good way of consolidating learning and finding effective strategies to approach tasks.

  • Tailored sessions - children will receive personalised teacher input and follow a learning programme that meets their individual needs, but with opportunities for independent application in their work.

  • Individual feedback - all sessions offer instant feedback, monitoring and marking.

  • Flexibility for you and your child – a wide range of available sessions means tutoring can fit more easily around other activities/commitments outside of school.

Joining Us

Once we have been contacted by you, we will send you a starter pack which you will complete and return to us. We will then arrange for you to come in and complete an initial assessment in the subject(s) you have indicated. We will also confirm your session times and start date. 


Fees are payable per half term, in advance. We require 4 weeks notice if you wish to stop attending sessions.


 If you are unable to make a particular session we will always try to reschedule your session, if a suitable time slot is available. This will enable you to attend the correct number of sessions you have paid for in a half term.

Holiday Timetable

A different timetable is followed during school holiday time and these are paid for separately. If you wish to attend these sessions they can be signed up for in addition to your half-termly group sessions.