Reading List

If you're struggling to find the right books for your child to read or your child wants a little more variety, we've come up with a list of recommended books that cover a wide range of interests.

From classics to modern novels, they're suitable for a range of reading levels, from Key Stage 1, right up to A-Level.

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Exam Formats

11 Plus and Independent school entrance exams can be quite a minefield for both parents and children. Although the majority of grammar schools in Essex use the CSSE test format, there are some other types of exams used in other schools.

Independent schools, including New Hall, Felsted and Brentwood School all have their own entrance exams.

Download The Tuition Pod's guide to 11 Plus and independent entrance exams.

Exam Guidance

Preparing for the 11 Plus and other entrance exams is a challenging, exciting and ultimately, a highly rewarding experience for you and your child. However, it can also be a stressful time for everyone involved.

We've put together a guide to exam preparation to help both children and their parents ensure the pupil has the best chance of passing the exams.

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11 Plus Resources

If you are looking for resources to help your child prepare for the 11 Plus we have listed links to some useful resources below. These companies provide books or online resources that can be very helpful when preparing for the exam. For mock exams, we recommend 11 Plus Pod who provide excellent mock exams in different locations around Southend. They also provide CSSE style mock exam papers which can be downloaded directly from their website.